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Resident Evil/Biohazard Dressing Room
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   W E L C O M E

... to thedressinglabs, a Resident Evil/Biohazard dressing room RP for all of you hip RE roleplayers out there to come and play with each other! There are no applications, no time-limits, character-limits or anything like that, just use your character journals, join up and play whenever you want! You can use your accounts from any RPs you are in, dead accounts, or create one just for this community.

The dressing room setting are any random rooms from the games, connected to each other in various ways. This includes locations such as the RPD, streets and restaurants of Raccoon City, mansion hallways and rooms, forest around the mansion, Antarctic and Rockfort locations-- you get the point. Anything goes! Have the characters use the rooms as they wish. The idea is that they can't escape, so if they try to leave locations and rooms, they'll just wind up in another one and not really get very far. Random things in the rooms are flexible too, for humorous or whatever other kinds of fun post purposes.

You're also more than free to bring in plots from games you're in and introduce some new ones. If you know how these communities work, you're aware that there will be character duplicates. (Sergei is exempt for being surprised at seeing clones of himself) If you'd like to toss in a zombie/monster or tyrant account, you're also more than free to! And any character death (with consent, of course) will be dealt with in said character just waking up next to a typewriter.

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   R U L E S

1) No wank, no trolling, no drama. WE DON'T NEED THAT LAME STUFF.

2) IP logging is off, as we're considerate to privacy. If rule 1 is broken, this will be changed.

3) Be in-character! You also don't have to be part of an active game to play here.

4) Dressing rooms mean a lot of characters and a lot of duplicates. Refer to rule 1 when keeping in mind that not everybody might agree on someone else's characterization. Don't let this leak into your playing, or get nasty with another player. Though I'd also like to add to not jump to conclusions if a character disagrees with something yours says, it's probably not the mun projecting their own opinion!

5) Keep that "ADULT-CONTENT" out of this community, please. Of course we don't mean that GUNS AND SHOOTIN' ZOMBIES AHHH GORE stuff. You can bring the steamy sort of adult situations to your own journals.

6) Any questions, comments, concerns about ANYTHING can be sent to the mod. stormwaltzing at gmail - I'll be quick to get back to you!

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Please drop an e-mail or a comment to the mod (stormwaltzing at gmail/gaignun) if you'd like to affiliate. :3 Other dressing rooms and any RE communities are fair game here.